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CamUS: Interactive Camera Planning

Project realized in IFT702 course

Dynamically plan a camera using Markov decision process

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FeedUS: RSS Feeds Classifier

Project realized in IFT603 course

Advise articles based on user's preferences

Classification achieved by multiple methods

  • K-NN
  • Random Forest
  • Naive Bayesian network

Clustering using Bisecting K-Means

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PokUS: Poker Help System

Project realized in IFT592 and IFT593 courses

Poker Texas Hold'em

  • Architecture client/server
  • Allow to play against AI players

Helps the player while playing with additional information

  • Opponent's statistics
  • Opponent profiling
  • Chance of winning
  • Advise player what to do next using Support Vector Machine

This project led to another one, available on Google Code at

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MarioUS: Intelligent Gamer

Project realized in IFT615 and IFT630 courses

Created a AI that learns a level of the video game Mario Bros using genetic algorithm

Parallelized the algorithm with MPI